PLAZA PLANS:   We are profoundly grateful to the 1500 donors who have helped to secure the Fair Oaks Bluff for future generations by raising more than 1.3 million dollars to purchase the land.

Our next step is to build the Fair Oaks Bluff Plaza on Bridge Street to honor those who have helped to save this beautiful place.

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FUNDRAISING SUCCESSFUL:  Thanks to generous donations, we have raised $40,000 for the Fair Oaks Bluff Plaza.  We believe we have enough money.  The Plaza Committee has been working closely with Sacramento County Parks and other agencies.  Construction of the Plaza is tentatively planned for Spring 2011. 

VISION FOR THE PLAZA:  Our vision for the Plaza is of a lovely resting area for visitors, paved with engraved bricks recognizing our generous donors.  The area will include benches and a drinking fountain, and it will feature the Bluff Benefactor Monument.   The Plaza has been designed by Hugh Gorman.

will be a river rock monument wall with an etched zinc plaque honoring those who have given $1000 or more.  Each donor will also be recognized on an engraved brick.  Download list of 159 Benefactors  (216K pdf).

STEPPING STONE DONORS will be honored with laser-engraved bricks laid in a spiral design.  Download list of 327 Stepping Stone Donors  (48K pdf).

INTERPRETIVE SIGNS will be placed on the west side of Bridge Street.  One sign will tell the story of Saving the Bluff.  Other signs will include information about Geology, Water, Flora and Fauna, Native Peoples, and the History of Fair Oaks.

The FAIR OAKS BLUFF PLAZA COMMITTEE is chaired by Barry Brown and Marty Maskall.  Other members include Ralph Carhart, Diane Shakal, Shelley Mathews, Tracy Shearer, Hugh Gorman, and Warren McWilliams.  If you have any questions, please contact Barry at (916) 967-6528 or Marty at (916) 967-2472 or