Bluff Update
Plaza Design
Plaza Design
PLAZA DESIGN APPROVED – Since April 2006, the Plaza Committee has been working with County officials to finalize the design of the Fair Oaks Bluff Plaza.  We are proud to announce that the design submitted by Hugh Gorman and his team has been selected and was approved by County Parks Commission in November 2006.  For more information, call Barry Brown at (916) 967-6528 or Marty Maskall at (916) 967-2472.

NEW BRIDGE STREET TURNAROUND – We are profoundly grateful to the Sacramento Area Sewer District for allowing the public to use the turnaround just north of the pumping station.  We are also thankful for the amazing cooperation of the folks from the Department of Transportation, who completed the Bridge Street roadwork in record time, including removing the old turnaround.  Thanks also to the office of Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan and to County Parks, who facilitated the process.  As a result, we now have an unbroken, serene area for the Plaza. 

FUNDRAISING GOAL ACHIEVED! – We have raised $40,000 for the Fair Oaks Bluff Plaza.  We are grateful to the many donors and also to the Fair Oaks Recreation Foundation for receiving the tax-dedutible donations. 

BLUFF LOAN PAID OFF! -- The remaining Bluff loan balance of $124,705 was paid off in December 2005. We are grateful to the many Angels (families, businesses, and government entities) who have contributed $1,310,530 towards the Bluff.

As of November 2, 2008, our Angels include:
   157  Bluff Benefactors
 ($1000 or more)
   174  Stepping Stone Donors ($500 to $999) 
     78  Heritage Oak Donors ($250 to $499) 
   496  Square Yard Donors ($100 to $259)
   596  Contributors ($5 to $99)

The Bluff looking South (Randy Smith)
Butterfly on the Bluff (Jane Grant)
The Bluff looking North (Jane Grant)
MOONRISE SCHEDULE -- Moonrise at The Bluffs is incredibly beautiful.   Meet us at the Fair Oaks Footbridge to enjoy the sight. was donated by MartyMaskallUpdated: 11/2/08